Use as interior wall board. Magtex board has got a smooth surface finish and does not require rendering. It is highly resistant to the effects of moisture and climate conditions. Internal partitioning can be started prior to the completion of external walls or windows at any time of the year. This can dramatically decrease overall project completion time. The same cannot be said about gypsum based boards as they will absorb moisture and crumble or get mouldy.




Positive results to many cycles of soaking, freezing, heating tests (freeze/thaw test method)    prove that it is an ideal product for exterior applications such as part of the exterior panel system or a soffit. Any exterior decorative coating can be applied directly without plaster base coat.






Use as wall or floor tile backer board. Magtex board is an ideal choice to be used as tile backer board due to its good adhesion properties and resistance to water. It will not rot nor physically deteriorate even being fully submerged in water and will retain its full strength while being wet or upon drying. It is ideal wall or floor tile backer board that can be used in bathrooms or wet rooms and also can be used outside where tiled finish is required.







Sound and thermal insulation. With fairly low rates of thermal conductivity and acoustic permeability Magtex board is an excellent sound and heat insulating material. It can be successfully used as insulating material for exterior and interior applications with the possibility of applying different decorating coatings to it. Magtex board is suitable for the insulation of any premises, window slopes, window sills, showers, saunas is ideal material for sound insulation of residential and non-residential facilities of any kind like cinemas or studios (in combination with other modern sound-proofing materials).


Use as liner to receive any kind of finish. Magtex board is ideal material to receive any type of finish or can be used as a finish on its own. Its micro porous texture will bond with any type of adhesive or finish material can be nailed to it, stapled, screwed, riveted etc. Otherwise board can be simply painted to achieve a nice smooth finish.





Use as permanent shattering or concrete form liner surface finish: Magtex board can be used inside formwork as a finishing liner facing that will bond to the concrete naturally. Concrete, as well as most cement materials will bite into board pores for a strong natural bond. Any concrete liquid that seeps through the panel joints can be simply scraped off with a sharp blade to reveal the natural undamaged panel and perfectly flush joints.  




Magtex board has the flexibility to bend to a shallow radius which allowes curves to achieved  and greater design variations


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