CONSTEX LIMITED (Trademark Magtex board) - One product, practically every application.

It is high performance, environmentally friendly, technologically advanced building material that offers superior performance compared to gypsum, wood or cement based products.


• Fire resistance

• Water resistance

• Mould and Mildew Resistance

• Environmentally friendly characteristics (contains no asbestos, no toxic substances, lower carbon footprint than cement based products)

• Easy to work with.


Magtex board is a magnesium based environmentally friendly and versatile building material used in residential and commercial building construction. It is suitable for a wide range of general building board usages. Boards have a smooth surface finish and vary in thickness from 3mm to 20mm. The edges are as hard and sound as the surface. Conventional tools, fillers and jointing materials used with gypsum, cement and wood will function same or even better on Magtex board. Because of its excellent water and fire resistance characteristics combined with mechanical strength and flexibility Magtex board is ideal material for applications like:


  • Interior and exterior wall board

  • Shaft-liner 

  • Ceiling / soffits or underlayment board

  • Tile backer board

  • Base board to receive new finish

  • Part of interior or exterior cladding or rendering system

  • Sheathing material for structural insulated panel systems (SIPS)

  • Exterior shuttering


Magnesium based boards set new standard in building materials. One material for the whole project for both interior and exterior panels. It comes as no surprise that they were used throughout the 2008 Beijing World Olympics building projects and all 101 stories of the tallest building in the world "Taipei 101" feature this product in various applications.


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